ACM Magnetics
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* Permanent Magnet Motors
* Voice Coil Motors
* Brushless DC Motors
* Magnetizing Fixtures
* Magnetic Circuit Design
* Magnet Costing
* Electric Generators
* Magnetic Sensors
* Moving Magnet Actuators
* Magnetic Couplings
* Finite Element Analysis
* Competitive Analysis
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2106 Cook Ridge Ct.
Raleigh, NC 27615

ACM Magnetics is a consultancy led by Tony Morcos. Mr. Morcos’ expertise is in magnetic circuit design and analysis, with more than 25 years of both theoretical and hands-on experience in permanent magnet manufacturing and electric motor/electromagnetic device design and manufacturing. Specialties include high-performance permanent magnet motors, actuators and sensors for use in Military/Aerospace, Medical, Automotive, Power Tool, Appliance and Commercial/Industrial applications. Mr. Morcos is also a seasoned trainer and lecturer on permanent magnet materials & applications and electric motors & generators.