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  1. The Magnetized Tail Wags the Motorized Dog, Magnetics Magazine, Winter 2009

  2. Magnets for Clunkers ,Magnetics Magazine, Fall 2009

  3. Harvesting Wind Power With (or Without) Permanent Magnets, Magnetics Magazine, Summer 2009

  4. The Use of NdFeB Magnets to Increase the Efficiency of Electric Motors for Cordless Appliances, International Appliance Technical Conference 2003

  5. Neo” Magnets Improve DC Motors and Add Value to Appliances,  Appliance Manufacture, September 2003

  6. Neo Magnets Boost Fuel Economy, Machine Design, September 2002

  7. NdFeB Magnets for Electric Power Steering (EPS) Applications,  Intermag 2002

  8. “Neo” Magnets Raise the Efficiency of DC Motors, Auto Technology, February 2002

  9. Neo” Magnets Can Add Value to Motors, Appliance – European Edition, November 2001

  10. The Straight Attraction, Part 1, Motion Control Magazine, June 2000

  11. The Straight Attraction, Part 2, Motion Control Magazine, July/August 2000

  12. Comparison of Inductance Calculation Techniques, Vector Fields Users Conference 2000

  13. Voice Coil Actuators For Use in Motion Control Systems, Motion Magazine, Fall 1998

  14. Latest Developments in Voice Coil Actuators, Power Transmission Design, October 1995

  15. Voice Coil Actuators & Their Use in Advanced Motion Control Systems, Motion Magazine, July/August 1995

  16. Basics of Voice Coil Actuators, PCIM, July 1993

  17. A Primer on Magnetic Circuit Design: Materials, Permeance Calculations, and Finite Element Analysis, Motion Magazine, January/February 1993

  18. Linear Actuator Improves Accuracy/Speed of PCB Drilling, Design News, February 1990

  19. A Permanent Magnet Field Source for the Production of Circularly-Polarized Radiation Via Helical Free-Electron Lasers, Intermag 1986

  20. Measurement of Forces Between Magnets in Passive Bearing Systems Employing Rare-Earth Magnets, 8th International Workshop on Rare-Earth Magnets and Their Applications, May 1985